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ExchangeRight Real Estate LLC

ExchangeRight Real Estate LLC
ExchangeRight provides real estate investments that are structured to provide long-term, stable income and asset preservation to accredited 1031, 1033, and 721 exchange investors. Our goal is to consistently deliver diversified tax-deferred exchangeable portfolios of long-term, net-leased properties backed by investment grade corporations. We target corporate tenants that successfully operate in the necessity retail and healthcare industries to provide investors with stable and predictable income. ExchangeRight’s long-term exit strategy is to provide greater diversification and value to investors by combining multiple portfolios of investment grade, net-leased assets into a REIT to execute a public market sale, merger, IPO or listing. We currently have over $3.2+ billion in assets under management and are on pace to add over $600 million in additional assets under management each year. Our portfolio of more than 750 properties is diversified across 39 states. ExchangeRight and its affiliate Telos Capital strategically invests primarily in real estate projects throughout the United States targeting value-add and opportunistic returns for investors. Additional information on ExchangeRight can be found at: